May 08, 2007

Photos from Greensburg

Here's a link to the Kansas Press Association's web site and some pix their folks took yesterday. ... Also, please see Frank Denton's comment to the post below. Morris Publishing has pitched in to help as well.

And here's an update from Stephanie Mulholland with the KPA:
Cort (our tech consultant) will be back in Pratt today helping with page layout for the Greenburg paper. They produced a special edition of the Greensburg paper yesterday and will produce their regular edition tomorrow. I have sent a list of the resources offered from the CJIG group and other journalists in the region to Gary Mehl. Gary is publisher of the McPherson Sentinel and regional manager for the Greensburg paper and the other GateHouse Media papers in that area. He is also KPA president.

The Greensburg paper's Web site is being updated regularly:

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