May 07, 2007

Help for Greensburg Newspaper

Dear COMJIG folks:

Many journalists are stepping forward and offering to help out in
Greensburg, KS. Here's a message from Stephanie Mulholland at the Kansas Press Association:

"I just spoke with Doug [Anstaett, KPA executive director] and with Keith Lippoldt, the publisher of the Pratt and
Greensburg papers. They do have their computers, but no power is expected for a few weeks. A generator may be on its way. They are just now getting ready to enter the newspaper office in Greensburg to see what else is salvageable. Keith expressed appreciation for the outpouring of help. At this point, they are not sure of what their needs will be. He expected to have more information tomorrow once they've assessed the situation, and said he would call the KPA office tomorrow to spread the word."

Doug Anstaett, KPA president Gary Mehl and KPA's staff's tech consultant Cort Anderson are in Greensburg today, helping with coverage. Anstaett said they were covered at the newspaper for now.

Stephanie also said, in reply to an email from COMJIG and from Gloria Freeland at the Huck Boyd center, Kansas State:

"I also called Conrad Easterday, editor of the Pratt Tribune, who is coordinating newspaper volunteers and told him of both your generous offers. He said they were fortunate to have had many newspaper people come forward and offer assistance. I asked him to contact me should the need for more volunteers arise, and we would get the word out. He sounded as if they were going to be OK by pooling their resources with neighboring papers."

We'll keep you posted on this blog.


Joni said...

This is good news. The newspaper is so vital to the community.

However...who will they deliver it to?

Anonymous said...

I'm Frank Denton, COMJIG member and VP/journalism for Morris Communications, which owns the Dodge City newspaper. We've sent additional staff from a couple of our other newspapers and Morris News Service to help our people in Dodge City. And we're delivering free newspapers to shelters and other sites.