September 02, 2013

Wanted: Panel Proposals for the 2014 Conference

Hello COMJIG members!

We hope you had a wonderful conference in D.C. this year. It’s not too late to think about next year, is it?? Of course not! We need to start thinking about panels that we will sponsor or co-sponsor for the 2014 AEJMC conference in Montreal, Canada.

COMJIG is able to sponsor and/or co-sponsor six panels during a conference. We also have one refereed research paper slot and one scholar-to-scholar (poster session) slot. The paper and poster sessions will not be decided until next spring, but the panel proposals are due by Oct. 14. 

We need your ideas! Here are the criteria:
- Think about community journalism-focused panels that we can co-sponsor with other divisions, interest groups or commissions
- Keep in mind that we will be in Canada next year so international themes will be important
- Please recommend potential panelists when you propose a panel
- Contact me with your ideas by September 30

Because the Council of Divisions wants to encourage divisions and interest groups to collaborate on panels, it sponsors a meeting where programming folks from all of the groups discuss potential panels ideas face-to-face. There was such a meeting in D.C., so I have a list of possible panels to co-sponsor with other groups but these are not set in stone. We want your ideas for panels.

Here is the list of potential panel ideas for 2014 AEJMC conference, Montreal, Canada: 

- Panel focusing on virtual communities and their impact on journalism
Panel on open-access journals, since the Council of Divisions just approved the open-access journal “Community Journalism” as the official journal of COMJIG
- Panel on First Nation affairs journalists in Montreal 
Panel on the monetization of journalism and its effects on community newspapers/journalism
Panel on international communication and the development of community journalism across the globe
Panel idea on hyperlocal journalism in the U.S. and Canada
We also agreed to co-sponsor JLab Innovation luncheon for the 2014 conference

Again, please contact me with your ideas at by September 30. 

All the best with the start of your fall semester.

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