September 11, 2013

Call for Panels for 2014 AEJMC Conference

The Community Journalism Interest Group (COMJIG) is seeking panel proposals for the AEJMC 2014 national conference Aug. 6-9 in Montreal, Canada. The panel proposals are due by 5 p.m. on Oct. 4, 2013. 
COMJIG’S goal is to identify and present original, meaningful research that advances the understanding of the role of journalists and news organizations as members of communities, geographic or digital. We emphasize that community need not just be defined as within traditional geographical or social boundaries, but that given technological advances it may also be applied to journalism and its relationship to communities of interest online. Potential panel proposals could address issues such as how “community'” is defined or how its meaning changes in an online world. International themes also are welcomed.

Panel proposals should include the following information:

• Summary of the panel session topic
• 100- to 150-word abstract from each panel participant
• Name and contact information for the panel chair

Please email proposals to COMJIG vice chair Dianne Garyantes. Special consideration will be given to panel proposals with suggested co-sponsoring divisions/interest groups. (A listing of other AEJMC groups can be found here.)

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