September 29, 2010

Proposal Call for COMJIG conference in St. Louis

The Community Journalism Interest Group (COMJIG) is accepting panel proposals for the 2011 AEJMC Conference in St. Louis, Aug. 10-13.

Proposals should consider that COMJIG defines community as more than just geographically centered. Community may also refer to social characteristics such as interest, ethnicity, culture, religion and occupation. Also remember that community journalism includes print, broadcast, online, etc.

Proposals are due Friday, Oct. 22.

Panel proposals must include:
1. A working title and panel description.
2. A statement of whether the panel would be a Teaching, Research or Professional Freedom and Responsibility panel. PF&R panels focus on free expression, ethics, media criticism and accountability, racial/gender/cultural inclusiveness or public service.
3. Suggestions for divisions or interest groups that might be interested in co-sponsoring the panel. For ideas on co-sponsoring opportunities, there is a list of divisions and groups at
4. A statement of why the topic is important and a brief description of issues the panelists could discuss (no more than a few hundred words, please). NOTE: If your panel is chosen for presentation with a co-sponsoring division or interest group, you will work with a representative from the co-sponsor to make sure that the interests of both divisions/interest groups are represented on the panel.
5. Names and institutional affiliations of possible panelists.
6. Your name, mailing address, phone number and e-mail address.
Send panel proposals by Oct. 22 to Joe Marren, COMJIG program chair, at

If you have questions, contact Joe Marren by e-mail or phone (716-878-3794).

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