September 15, 2010

C-SPAN Video Archives as a Resource for Teaching Community Journalism

I was searching through the wonderful C-SPAN video archives today looking for resources on community journalism. While I wasn't able to find a great deal directly related to this topic, here a number of interesting programs I came across that may be useful in classes on community journalism. All are available as streaming programming from C-SPAN:

  • Pulitzer's Gold
    Roy Harris, Jr. talks about his book Pulitzer's Gold: Behind the Prize for Public Service Journalism. The focus is on the future of community and public service journalism. Harris is joined by Pulitzer Prize winning reporters Elizabeth Mehren and Sacha Pfeiffer. (Originally broadcast 8/27/09)

  • Journalism and New Media
    A panel of journalists and media executives look at how news organizations are using multimedia. (Originally broadcast 4/14/08)

  • Civic Journalism in Practice
    Tom Still of the Wisconsin State Journal talks about the practice of civic journalism and how it affects the community. (Originally broadcast 12/27/97)

  • Connecticut Post
    Brief talk with Robert Laska, publisher of the Connecticut Post. (Originally broadcast 4/18/97)

  • Distinguished Writing Award Winners
    A panel of ASNE Distinguished Writing Award Winners talk about encouraging good writing in the newsroom, including theme, narrative and story. (Originally broadcast 4/11/97)

  • Political and Community Reporting - 1
    Jan Schaffer of the Pew Center for Civic Journalism talks about the meaning of civic journalism. (Originally broadcast 12/9/96) (As of today, the audio and video on this clip is bad)

  • Political and Community Reporting- 2
    Editors of daily newspapers talk about the definition of and merits of civic journalism. Among the speakers is Michael Gartner, editor of the Ames Daily Tribune at the time, and former editor of the Des Moines Register and the president of NBC News. Gartner is interesting in his strong opposition to civic journalism and the Pew Center for Civic Journalism. Other speakers include Jennie Buckner of the Charlotte Observer, Edward Fouhy of the Pew Center for Civic Journalism, Craig Klugman of the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, and Steven A. Smith of the Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph. (Originally broadcast on 12/9/96)

  • News Media and the Public
    Broadcast of a forum of newspaper editors discussing "Journalism Values: Who Are We?" James Fallows of the Atlantic is among those featured. (Originally broadcast 4/17/96)

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