March 18, 2010

AP veteran picks up where old paper left off

Dan Robrish left his AP job in Philly to start a newspaper in the small south-central-Pennsylvania college town of Elizabethtown, and, from his interview in Philly Mag, picks up a chorus that many of us COMJIG members have been singing for decades:

“It’s often said that newspapers are dying, but that’s a gross oversimplification,” stresses Robrish. “The papers with the big problems are the metropolitan dailies. You can get that information from so many sources. But here, if you want to read a professionally written news story about what the Board of Township Supervisors did on Thursday, you really don’t have much choice but to pick up the Elizabethtown Advocate, because I was the only journalist at that meeting. I am the only game in town.”

Good luck, Dan.

Here's the story.

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