October 16, 2006

Knight Foundation is Looking for Great Ideas

Deadline is December 31! Blog it. Tag it. Forward it! Tell everyone!

Newspapers have long defined the communities we live in. They shape how we think about community and how we understand what’s happening on our block or around the world.

But as digital media increasingly becomes the way we receive and share news, who will perform this community function? Who will do in the 21st century what our founders, the Knight brothers, did with their newspapers in the last century?

We think those questions need an answer. That’s why we’re giving away $5 million in a contest. The News Challenge seeks ideas for using new media combined with the best news values to bind and build communities. Physical, geographic communities where people live and work.

We’re looking for ideas that believe in the values and ethics of journalism. Ideas that are faithful to the search for truth, but experiment in every other way imaginable.
Want to know more?

Check out www.newschallenge.org. Anybody, anywhere around the world can enter. Just as long as you’ve got an innovative idea that uses the digital world to connect people in the real world. That’s the only rule.

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