September 25, 2006

Looking for panel ideas for Summer 2007 AEJMC

Hello COMJIG folks. It's time to start getting our ideas together for the 2007 AEJMC convention, in Washington, D.C. To jumpstart your thinking, here are ideas that came up at our business meeting in San Francisco:

  • The pressures on community papers to go online. Why they do and why they don't.
  • Groups such as API are beginning to recognize small papers and do community journalism training. Would API like to sponsor an event in DC?
  • A panel on other types of community journalism not connected to the mainstream media.
  • A follow-up with RTV-J on community radio and community TV.
  • Connect with Jan Schaffer and J-lab. Its New Voices program has a lot of community radio and other projects.
  • Look at the first year of the new Masters in Community Journalism program with U Alabama and the Anniston Star.
  • Do a syllabus exchange.
  • A panel that's an idea exchange about classes with a community service component.
  • Partner with the science interest group on ag writing in schools.
Send your ideas to Bill Reader and Peggy Kuhr. Pls include the following info:
of panel (pf&r, teaching, research)
Tentative Title
Possible Moderator
Possible Panelists (limit to three; we need to include co-sponsor names as well)
Brief Description
Possible Panel Co-sponsors (divisions or interest groups)
Name of contact person for panel, e-mail & phone

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