November 26, 2017

Call for Reviewers: AEJMC 2018

COMJIG's success in leading the conversation around community/local news and showcasing the best research emerging from scholars in the field every year is reliant on the help of its members who volunteer to review these papers. Thus, following the paper call in the last post, please find below a call for reviewers to sign up to help with reviewing manuscripts submitted to the group. Blind peer review by two to three reviewers is most useful (as we all know) and will not only help the authors--many of whom may be graduate students-- improve their papers for publication but also help improve the quality of research in community/local news.

Therefore, please consider signing up as Reviewer for COMJIG!Those who have submitted papers to COMJIG can sign up to review papers. The more volunteers COMJIG has, the better the quality of reviews as each reviewer will receive fewer papers. We will try our best to ensure that each reviewer receives about two to three papers for review.

If you kindly agree, please let me know via email of your interest in acting as reviewer for the group and include the following details:
1. Graduate Student: yes/no
2. Research Interests: _____________

You can send me a note on monica(dot)chadha(at)asu(dot)edu

I thank you in advance for your help and support for COMJIG!

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