September 20, 2017

Call for Panel Proposals, 2018 AEJMC Conference in Washington, D.C.

The Community Journalism interest group is now accepting panel proposals for the 2018 AEJMC conference in Washington, D.C.

There are three types of panel proposals you can submit: Professional Freedom & Responsibility (PF&R), Teaching and Research. All division members must submit their panel proposals by Oct. 1 to Use the panel proposal template below a guide for writing your proposal.

Tips for preparing a panel proposal:

- Ideally, panels will be joint submissions with another AEJMC division or interest group. Therefore, you might try to develop a joint proposal with someone from another division/interest group. You are not required to develop a joint proposal - we can help you find someone from another division who might be willing to assist with your proposal.

- Joint panels should include members representing both divisions/interest groups submitting. For example, if COMJ is the lead sponsor on the panel, include three COMJ members and two members from the other division/interest group. Having a panel consisting entirely of COMJ members will not disqualify you from having your panel accepted, but we will give preference to joint submissions.

- Suggest important findings that attendees may take from your panel. For example, will the panel help attendees integrate aspects of community journalism into their classrooms? Will the panel help them understand research on theories of group identity? Try to explain the impact your panel will have on the division as well as AEJMC as a whole.

We will notify you in December if your panel proposal was accepted. Please let me know if you have any questions, and feel free to reach out at any time if you have questions about programming for next year's conference. 

2018 AEJMC Conference Panel Proposal

Panel Title:

Panel Type: (Research, Teaching, or PF&R)

Panel Sponsorship: Community Journalism Interest Group (also, please list possible co-sponsors)

Description of Panel: Generally 150-250 words. Remember to discuss potential impact of the panel on COMJ and AEJMC’s broader membership.

Possible Panelists:
List up to five, including affiliation and contact information. Please indicate whether you have already contacted prospective panelists about participating.


Your name, affiliation, daytime phone and email address

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