October 07, 2015

AEJMC-Kettering Initiative approaching

A reminder from Jack Rosenberry that Monday is the deadline for submissions (plus he is looking for reviewers):

The deadline for the call for the special AEJMC Presidential Initiative in partnership with The Kettering Foundation for research on the theme of "Revitalizing the Bonds of Journalism, Citizenship and Democracy" is less than a week away -- Monday Oct. 12.

  Key features of the project are as follows:
·         It's a special invitation co-presented by Kettering and AEJMC for researchers to create and present projects around the topic of how journalism can address problems of democracy by helping foster the process of citizens working together to solve shared public problems. We are looking especially for projects that (1) develop and test a new curriculum, or (2) experiment with a practice innovation in the newsroom or in other media.
·         The formal call is for abstracts that clearly state: The objective of the work and its relevance to the topic; the methods that will be used to examine the question; what the project is expected to discover; and the expected significance of the work.
·         Abstracts should be limited to no more than 1,500 words and the deadline for submitting them is Oct. 12. Submitted abstracts will undergo peer review and up to 20 proposals will be selected for researchers to turn into full papers by April 2016.
·         Top papers as selected by further peer review will be presented at the 2016 AEJMC conference in Minneapolis and also appear in Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly. The very top papers will earn cash awards.
·         Full details on all of this can be found at http://www.aejmc.org/home/2015/07/citizenship-democracy/

We are looking for volunteer reviewers among those who are not planning to submit but would be interested in reviewing abstracts. Anyone interested in that should contact me directly, jrosenberry@sjfc.edu.

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