March 09, 2014

COMJIG Call for Papers

The Community Journalism Interest Group (COMJIG) is seeking original, non published research papers to be considered for presentation at the 2014 AEJMC national conference in Montreal, Canada. The deadline for paper submissions is April 1, 2014.

This theme for this year’s submissions will be “The Next 10 Years of Community Journalism.” 2014 represents the 10 year anniversary for the community journalism interest group. COMJIG’S goal is to identify and present original, meaningful research that advances the understanding of the role of journalists and news organizations as members of communities, geographic or digital. We emphasize that community need not just be defined as within traditional geographical or social boundaries, but that given technological advances it may also be applied to journalism and its relationship to communities of interest online. Papers could address issues such as how “community’” is defined or how its meaning changes in an increasingly digital media environment. In addition, while the interest group will seek to offer a diverse program, we hope to receive some submissions that address the theme “The Next 10 Years of Community Journalism.” To mark the 10-year anniversary, we will offer a special referred research panel on the future of community. The top submissions relating to the theme will have the opportunity to be considered for submission to the peer reviewed journal Community Journalism, COMJIG’S official publication.

Paper submissions should include a 100 to 150 word abstract and not exceed 8,000 words, including references, tables and notes. All papers should conform to APA style, Sixth Edition. Graduate students are encouraged to submit papers.

All research papers must be uploaded to the group via a link on the AEJMC website. Please see AEJMC’s Paper Competition Uniform Call for more information.

Additional questions should be directed to COMJIG Research Committee Chair Hans K. Meyer (

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