September 11, 2012

Call for panelists

A colleague and I have an idea for a 2013 panel on the mentoring of adjunct professors.

As my colleague wrote: “Enrollments at communication departments are growing, and so are the ranks of their adjunct professors. How do departments mentor those adjuncts? My department (accredited by ACEJMC, 800+ undergrads and 30 grad students, with 14 full-time faculty and 37 adjuncts) has launched a new program to work with our adjuncts. It includes an annual half-day workshop in early September, a faculty handbook, an adjunct mentor (our "uber adjunct," a newspaper reporter who has taught for us for 20+ years), peer evaluations by full-time faculty, and a website on ANGEL featuring "best practices" course syllabi.

“I'm guessing a lot of other com departments are dealing with this situation (a lot of adjunct professors, trying to ensure consistency of instruction in multiple sections of the same course).”

Anyone interested in being on such a panel? Then e-mail me ( or Deb Silverman (



Joe Marren

chair and associate professor

Communication Department

Buffalo State College

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