June 18, 2012

More conference details

Here are some details on our refereed paper session and our scholar-to-scholar session at the August conference in Chicago:

Refereed Paper Research Session: From Shoe Leather to Cyberspace: Evolving Community Journalism

Moderating/Presiding: Eileen Gilligan, SUNY Oswego

"Undocumented Workers and Immigration Reform: Thematic vs. Episodic Coverage in a Rural Kansas Community Daily," Michael Fuhlhage, Auburn

"Conversation Starters: A Study of Interactivity on Community Press-Supported Facebook Pages," Michael Clay Carey, Ohio

"Student Experiences in Community Journalism: A Case Study of Two Universities," Lisa Paulin-Cid, North Carolina Central

"If You Build It, Will They Come? An Exploratory Study of Community Reactions to an Open Source Media Project in Greensburg, Kansas," Samuel Mwangi, Steve Smethers and Bonnie Bressers, Kansas State

Discussant: Eileen Gilligan, SUNY Oswego

Scholar to Scholar session:
Topic — From the Past to the Future: Evolving Community Journalism

"Making Hyperlocal News: An Exploration of the News Values and Perceived Roles of Journalists Working in Local, Independently Owned Online News," Michael Horning, Bowling Green State

"Youth Connection: Promoting Community Ties and Positive Values in Scholastic and Non-scholastic Online Youth-generated News," Jeffrey Neely, North Carolina Wilmington

"Fighting Spirit: Competing Hyperlocal Sites Outmatch Legacy Newspaper’s Efforts," Barbara Selvin, Stony Brook

“ 'Letters From Home,' ” Intimacy in the Norwegian Community Press," John Hatcher, Minnesota-Duluth

Discussant: Bill Reader, Ohio

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