November 21, 2011

A call to speak up for community newsrooms

Ed Henninger, a designer, fellow consultant (though he does it professionally, while I just dabble) and designer (OK, I tell him, some things can't be helped) has put out a clarion call for the best paean to community journalism.

Here's how he puts it in "It's time for us to tell others: Why community newspapers matter": As he puts it:

IT’S TIME WE GAVE community newspapers the credibility and respect they’ve earned—and we can lead that effort. Right here.

Like you, I’m tired of community newspapers being considered the “bottom of the heap.”

Like you, I’m tired of young journalists considering community newspapers a place to learn the business before they go on the “greatness” at The New York Times, The Washington Post or USA TODAY.

It’s about time journalists understand and appreciate the value of what all of those small newspapers do for readers and their communities.

The folks with the best comments get a PDF of his book, Henninger on Design.

Surely someone from COMJIG can win a copy. Go for it! (And, yes, Ed is a pretty darn good designer.)

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