July 26, 2010

AEJMC - Editing profs' breakfast

Folks, I'm passing this along at the request of Deb Gump. It's a great session. If you teach editing - heck, if you happen to have an editing text on your bookshelf somewhere - I recommend stopping by -- Doug

The Breakfast of Editing Champions returns to the AEJMC national convention
in Denver next month.

The breakfast, sponsored by the Dow Jones News Fund and co-hosted by Deborah
Gump of Middle Tennessee State University and Andy Bechtel of UNC-Chapel
Hill, is free and open to anyone who teaches editing, appreciates editing or
simply likes to hang around editing professors — and that should be pretty
much everyone.

Coffee, tea, bagels and pastries will be provided. To attend, RSVP by e-mail
to Deborah at gumpdl@gmail.com ASAP.

Our agenda is simple, yet fundamental to journalism that matters: the future
of editing and editing education. Since the beginning of the breakfasts,
we’ve invited journalists to help guide our discussion. This year, we are
fortunate to have two journalists who can provide both a newsroom
perspective and an industry-wide perspective. Joining us will be:

• *Damon Cain*, managing editor for presentation and design at The Denver
Post. Damon oversees the news copy desk, and he is active in the Society for
News Design, which will hold its conference in Denver in September. Cain was
previously director of news design at The News & Observer in Raleigh, N.C.
He has also worked as an editor and reporter at community newspapers in
Iowa. He is a graduate of the University of Iowa.

• *Teresa Schmedding*, the new president of the American Copy Editors
Society. Schmedding, a frequent presenter on managing creative people and
other newsroom issues, is news editor at the Daily Herald in Chicago, the
third largest paper in Illinois. Schmedding has an undergraduate degree in
journalism and a master’s in media management from the University of


Jim Bates, The Post’s night editor and college chum of Deborah’s, has
offered to lead a tour of the newsroom immediately after the breakfast. When
you RSVP, let us know whether you’d like to visit The Post.*


A highlight of the breakfasts has been the Teaching Idea Exchange, which
shares your best teaching ideas and strategies. Andy once again will handle
the exchange, so send your best teaching idea to him at
andy.bechtel@gmail.com ASAP. Keep it brief and be ready to
discuss it briefly at the breakfast.

We’ll also be compiling a list of resources. If you’ve discovered a website,
book, magazine article, video, YouTube clip or another resource that helps
you be a more effective teacher, send the details to Deborah. As always,
we’ll make all breakfast material easily accessible.

If you know someone who also would be interested in attending, please pass
along this invitation and point out the *requirement* to RSVP.

To sum up:

*TIME:* 8:15 - 9:45 a.m.
*DAY:* Friday, Aug. 6
*PLACE:* The conference hotel
*RSVP* (required): Send an e-mail to Deborah at gumpdl@gmail.com ASAP.
*TEACHING IDEA EXCHANGE*: Send your idea to Andy at
abechtel@email.unc.eduby ASAP.

See you in Denver!

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