January 24, 2010

AEJMC convention 2010 - hotels

The August convention seems like a long way off, I know, but with budget constraints what they are, it's probably not too early to look at prices and alternatives (and, yes, I try to stay in the convention hotel, too, because of the meeting rooms arrangements with AEJMC, but sometimes the budget just doesn't allow it).

Two blocks from the convention hotel there is a Comfort Inn (17 floors and decent, not some fleabag). Using my AAA, I was able to snag three nights of rooms there for $411 ($132 each for Wednesday and Thursday and $94 for Friday + tax). The best-available online rate was not much higher.

Breakfast -- and Internet -- are included. And this is a fully cancelable reservation, not one of these prepaid, no-refund wonders.

I remember it from the last time I was in Denver. It's a quick walk and right near the 16th Street Mall for shopping.

So if you must, as I must, look for alternatives this year, this is one, especially if you book early. (And if AEJMC comes up with a better deal at the Sheraton, then you can cancel and shift.)


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