October 07, 2009

Call for AEJMC panel proposals

The Community Journalism Interest Group (COMJIG) is accepting panel proposals for the 2010 AEJMC Conference, which is scheduled Aug. 4-7 in Denver.

Proposals should consider that COMJIG defines community as more than just geographically centered. Community may also refer to social characteristics such as interest, ethnicity, culture, religion and occupation. Keep in mind, too, that community journalism is practiced across media forms (print, broadcast, online, etc.).

Proposals are due Friday, Oct. 23.

In your panel proposal, please indicate the following:

  • The type of panel (research, PF&R or teaching).
  • Possible co-sponsor divisions or interest groups.
  • A summary of the session.
  • Possible panelists.
  • Estimated costs for speakers.
  • Contact information for yourself.

Send panel proposals by Oct. 23 to Andris Straumanis, COMJIG program chair, at andris.straumanis@uwrf.edu.

PF&R panel proposals may also be sent to Ralph Hanson, PF&R chair, at hansonre@unk.edu.

Teaching panel proposals may also be sent to Eileen Gilligan, Teaching Standards chair, at egilliga@oswego.edu.

If you have questions, contact Andris Straumanis at andris.straumanis@uwrf.edu or +1 (651) 235-2915.

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