June 03, 2009

Need to know COMJIG members' accomplishments

It's time to put together COMJIG's annual report for AEJMC, and we need your help.

Specifically, we need to know COMJIG members' accomplishments for the past year in community journalism-related research, teaching, PF&R, publications, etc.

Sorry to be a bother, but we need this by June 8 -- next Monday.

Please help out Liz Hansen and me. Send me (at dfisher@sc.edu) any notable things you've done. Have you worked with your class to help a local community media outlet -- or create one of your own? Have you found a new teaching technique? Have a new book, chapter or article with a community journalism component? Been working with an online community ...

We want to hear about it.

Again, please let me know ASAP, Just fill in the blanks below:


Institution or affiliation

Notable teaching 2008-09 (community J-related):

Notable research 2008-2009 (community J-related):

Articles, books, chapters, other publications related to community J:

Teaching accomplishments:

Other accomplishments we need to know about:

Again, please send to Doug Fisher dfisher@sc.edu


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