December 22, 2007

COMJIG members' work recognized

Although this came out in June, it hasn't been mentioned here, so to wrap up 2007, I thought it worth noting that Community journalism projects by COMJIG members have been cited in the book "We're All Journalists Now" by Scott Gant.

On page 28, Gant cites the Route 7 Report, led by Bill Reader at Ohio University, and Hartsville Today, which we manage out of the University of South Carolina, as examples of how journalism professors are leading notable projects in community/citizen journalism. Gant also cites Madison Commons (another J-lab funded venture). (I don't have our updated members' list, so I don't know if Lew Friedland, who heads that project, is a COMJIG member.)

Hope to see other notes on here about members' work being cited.

Happy holidays!

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