August 12, 2007

New features for blog

We've added two features to the blog to help you keep better updated.

If you look down the left side, you'll see a section that talks about getting an e-mail feed. This is for people who don't have RSS, don't want to mess with RSS, etc. If you enter your e-mail, FeedBlitz will walk you through setting up a way to get an e-mail sent to your account every day this blog is updated. (An e-mail digest is generated overnight only on days this blog is updated.)

(Note: Some university e-mail systems can treat this like spam, so check with your IT department if there is any question. The folks there often can clear a provider like this for your specific account.)

You'll also see "labels" at the bottom of this post and some other recent ones. If you click on a label, it show you a list of all similar posts that have been labeled like that. (We are asking everyone who posts to please use labels -- they can be existing ones, or you can create new ones just by typing them in to the "Labels" box on the bottom of the posting form.)

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