June 29, 2007

2007 Convention Program

Get ready for a fabulous program in D.C. and mark your calendars for the following:

COMJIG 2007 Program: Washington, D.C.


10 am to 11:30 am

Radio-Television Journalism Division and Community Journalism Interest Group

Teaching Panel Session: “Where Has All The Video Tape Gone? Training Broadcast Journalism Students More Than Just the Technology of the Digital Newsroom”

Moderating/Presiding: Mary T. Rogus, Ohio

· Ellen Camloh, product marketing manager, Broadcast and Local TV,

· Avid Technology, Inc.

· Phil Hoffman, general manager, Z-TV, Akron

  • Janet Kolodzy, Emerson

3:15 pm to 4:45 pm

Community Journalism Interest Group, Magazine Division, Graduate Education and Civic and Citizen Interest Groups

Mini-plenary PF&R Panel Session: “The Community as a Teaching Resource”

Moderating/Presiding: Bill Reader, Ohio

· Amanda Brozana and George Daniels, Alabama

· Sue Ellen Christian, Western Michigan

· Lindsay Fasano and Gwen Shaffer, Temple

· Lyn Lepre, Tennessee

  • Beverly Merrick, Nebraska at Kearney
  • Susan McKenna and Rich Martin, Illinois

5 pm to 6:30 pm

Community Journalism Interest Group

Refereed Paper Research Session: “Online Expressions of Community Journalism”

Moderating/Presiding: Jack Rosenberry, St. John Fisher

· “Weeklies and the Web: A Study of Newspaper Managers and the State of Their Online Editions,” Jennifer Wood Adams, Auburn

· “Media Roles and Audience Engagement: Relationships Between Perceptions of Journalists’ Functions and Uses of Interactive Features,” Deborah Chung, Kentucky

· “Connecting Virtual and Geographic Communities: Toward a New Model of Journalism in Bluffton, S.C.,” Heidi Fedak, Kansas

  • Discussant: Barbara S. Reed, Rutgers

FRIDAY, Aug. 10

11:45 am to 1:15 pm

Community Journalism Interest Group and Radio-Television Journalism Division

PF&R Panel Session: “If All Politics is Local, Then... Why Aren’t Community Journalists

Doing More Coverage of Congressional Officials?”

Moderating/Presiding: Eileen Gilligan, SUNY Oswego

· Garrette Silverman, press secretary, Office of U.S. Senator George Voinovich, R-Ohio

· Brian Schaffner, assistant professor, Government, American; research fellow, Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies

· Laurie Kinney, senior correspondent, Washington, DC Bureau, Hearst-Argyle Television

  • Bernard Stein, editorial editor/writer, The Riverdale Press, Riverdale, NY
1:30-3 p.m.

Community Journalism Interest Group: Scholar-to-Scholar papers:

“Newspapers as Community Builders”

· 59. “Fifty Years of Community News: The Erosion of Social Responsibility?” Jeffrey John, Wright State

· 60. “Relentlessly Historical: Local History in South-Central Pennsylvania Community Newspapers,” Rex Martin, Bowie State

· 61. “A Test of a Measure of Community Journalism,” Wilson Lowrey, Chang Wan Woo and Jenn Burleson Mackay, Alabama

  • Discussants: Jack Rosenberry, St. John Fisher, and Janice Hume, Georgia

3:15 pm to 4:45 pm

Community Journalism Interest Group and Scholastic Journalism Division

PF&R Panel Session: “Grow Your Own: Nurturing a Newsroom From Local Schools”

Moderating/Presiding: Jock Lauterer, North Carolina at Chapel Hill

· Peter W. Wagner, publisher, NW Iowa REVIEW

· David Woronoff, publisher, The Pilot, Southern Pines, NC

· John W. Stevenson, The Randolph Leader, Roanoke, AL

· Vanessa Shelton, Iowa High School Press Association, Iowa

8:30 pm to 10 pm

Civic and Citizen Journalism and Community Journalism Interest Groups

Business Session: Members’ Meetings

Moderating/Presiding: Andrea Breemer Frantz, Wilkes and Peggy Kuhr, Montana

10:15 pm to 11:45 pm

Community Journalism Interest Group

Off-site Business Session: Executive Committee Meeting

Moderating/Presiding: Peggy Kuhr, Montana


8:15 am to 9:45 am

Community Journalism and Civic and Citizen Journalism Interest Group

PF&R Panel Session: “Using Blogs to Create and Strengthen Communities”

Moderating/Presiding: Andrea Frantz, Wilkes

· Barbara Iverson, Columbia College

· Nikhil Moro, Central Michigan

· Leonard Witt, Kennesaw State

· Frank Denton, vice president of news, Morris Publishing Group

12:15 pm to 1:30 pm

J-Lab, Civic and Citizen Journalism and Community Journalism Interest Groups

Luncheon Session: “Citizen Media: Here to Stay or Gone Tomorrow?”

Moderating/Presiding: Jan Schaffer, executive director, J-Lab, Maryland

and Peggy Kuhr, Montana

· Jan Schaffer, executive director, J-Lab, Maryland

· Lisa Williams, founder, H2oTown, Placeblogger.com

· Courtney Lowery, managing editor, NewWest.net, Rural News Network, Montana

· Dan Gillmor, director, The Center for Citizen Media

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