May 31, 2007

Jock is on the road again

For the 7th summer, our intrepid COMJIG founder Jock Lauterer is on the road, offering free training at North Carolina's community papers. Now, he has a blog. Here's the start of today's entry:

"Let’s get this straight: Newspapers are not vanishing. At least not my kind of newspapers.

"Yes, many major metros are in a circulation free-fall. But not my guys. The small, local or what we call “community newspapers” – papers with circulations below 50k, many of them found off the interstates on the so-called “blue highways” of this nation – are doing very well, thank you.

"In fact, these “relentlessly local” papers are so quietly successful that big-city papers have finally noticed and are copying them! Ex: pick up today’s N&O and count the number of local stories on the front page."

More from the Blue Highways Journal.

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