May 16, 2007

Help needed in Greensburg

Here's an email from Doug Anstaett with the Kansas Press Association:

Friends of KPA:

We have had numerous inquiries about whether Pratt and Greensburg could use some help with news coverage. They've done a tremendous job so far, but they're wearing thin.

Gary Mehl, our current KPA president and the regional manager for the GateHouse Media newspapers in south-central Kansas, said his company would appreciate some assistance.

Gary wrote on Monday: "I just talked with Keith (Lippoldt, publisher) and he needs to pull some of his reporters back into Pratt. It's pretty well been neglected throughout all this. He said he'd welcome anyone who wants to come and write stories."

Your best bet is to call Keith or Conrad Easterday in Pratt to see what their needs might be. There are a thousand stories to be told, of course, but some coordination of the effort is necessary.

Keith Lippoldt can be reached at (620) 672-5511 or by e-mail at:

Contact Conrad Easterday at the same number or by e-mail at:

Thanks for your consideration.

Doug Anstaett, Executive Director
Kansas Press Association
5423 SW 7th Street
Topeka, KS 66606
(785) 271-5304 (work)
(316) 772-2559 (cell)
(785) 271-7341 (fax)


Milt said...

Peggy, another source of citizen media efforts in Pratt Kansas is which contains several stories about Greensburg.
By the way the link to AEJMC in the heading of your blog is invalid because of too many "w"'s!

Doug Fisher said...


Fixed that. Thanks.