December 21, 2005

Media Ethics Seminar

Wendy Wyatt at the University of St. Thomas and AEJMC's Media Ethics Division brings this to our attention:

Who is a journalist?
Media Ethics Colloquium at the University of St. Thomas

Call for Participants

As part of a decade-long series aimed at enhancing scholarship in applied media ethics, the University of St. Thomas will host the 2006 colloquium October 14-17 in Minneapolis/St. Paul. The colloquium - the seventh of the series - will feature 12 fellows working in teams of two to explore the moral dimensions of the question: Who is a journalist?

Selected fellows will receive an honorarium and travel expenses.

During the colloquium, fellows will present their work to one another and solicit feedback. A group of fellows will also speak at a public symposium at the colloquium's end. Papers that result from the colloquium will be published
in the Journal of Mass Media Ethics in 2007.

Applicants may apply as individuals (in which case colloquium organizers will pair them with another applicant) or as part of already formed teams.

In the selection process, preference will be given to teams that combine disciplines or that include a junior scholar working with a senior scholar.

The guidelines are general and should not be seen as exhaustive or exclusive. Individuals who have previously participated as fellows are invited to apply, although preference may be given to first-time participants.

Applications for fellowships should include the following:
* A brief (500 word) abstract of a paper proposal.
* A curriculum vitae
* If appropriate, a notation of the desired team member

The deadline for proposals is April 1, 2006. Send paper or electronicsubmissions to:
Wendy N. Wyatt
Department of Journalism and Mass Communication University of St. Thomas
Mail #4372
2115 Summit Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55105
Phone inquiries: 651-962-5253

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