August 03, 2010

Agenda for annual meeting

COMJIG annual meeting 2010
Denver, Colo., Thursday, Aug. 5, 8:30 p.m.

The first part of the meeting will convene jointly with Community and Citizen Journalism IG to discuss mutual concerns and joint projects.

We then will adjourn to a separate COMJIG members' meeting

1.    Welcome and introduction by those present for the record (if the number is large, a record of who attended will instead by kept by passing around a sheet of paper for people to sign in).

2.    Approval of minutes from Boston meeting, 2009 (previously posted on blog)

3.    Report from the IG head – Doug Fisher
a.    Accomplishments and challenges from the past year
b.    Financial status

4.    Any remarks from other members of the executive committee.

5.    Election of officers for 2010-11
a.    Nominations of officers
b.    Any statements from nominees
c.    Vote on nominations
i.    As a slate for those with no opposition, voice vote
ii.    For any office contested, vote by office, show of hands

6.    Remarks from incoming IG head and other incoming members of the IG executive committee (after this point, the incoming head will preside, although the current secretary shall be responsible for continuing to take and file minutes of the meeting on the COMJIG blog).

7.    Old business
a.    Standing Item – setting of dues for 2011
b.    Standing item - Election of member of nominating committee for 2011-2012. (Our bylaws say the membership is to elect one member of this committee and the head (incoming) will appoint the other. The committee, not the head, is charged with coming up with a slate of officers.)
c.    CCJIG merger (because this is an ongoing item, I would recommend it be deferred until after any new business and any advisory items).

8.    New business
a.    If all executive committee positions have not been filled, this is the appropriate place to perhaps offer a motion that the head be given authority by the membership to appoint people to fill those positions without further vote.

9.    Any advisory items/comments from the membership not included in above items

10.    Adjournment

Respectfully submitted,
Doug Fisher, Head 2009-2010

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